Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cheap and High Quality: Not an Oxymoron at Comodo

We have a running debate here at Comodo as to whether to use Low Cost or Cheap in referring to our SSL Certificates. My friends who like to use “cheap” argue that more customers looking for SSL use the word cheap in their searches than “low cost” and it makes our web pages easier to find.
Personally, I hate using the word cheap because it could be misinterpreted as low quality, which is not the case with any of our SSL Certificate products. Whether you purchase the low cost domain validated certificates or pay the extra money for Enhanced Validated certificates, you will still get the highest quality encryption technology available.
Encryption is the heart of SSL, but not the only feature to consider in purchasing an SSL certificates. You need to consider what degree of verification you to present to your site visitors and the higher levels do cost more. Certificates that provide higher level of organization and identity verification provide an additional service that is badly needed by some web sites, especially e-Commerce sites that need the trust of their customers. The additional cost can be miniscule compared to the benefit of protecting and assuring your customers.
However, if you’re using the certificate for intranet site you might be able to use a Domain Validated certificate or simply Organization Validation and save some money. You have to match your purchase to your needs.
What every customer or potential Comodo customer needs to know is that regardless of what type of certificate you chose from Comodo, you get the highest quality encryption and verification services in the industry at one of the lowest prices available for each product category.
Low Cost and high quality. How can you beat that?
Original Source: http://blogs.comodo.com/e-commerce/cheap-and-high-quality-not-an-oxymoron-at-comodo/


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