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Friday, December 6, 2013

Time to Upgrade: Convert 1024 Bit SSL to 2048 Bit SSL for a Cyber-Safe New Year

2014 is just around the corner, so it’s about time to say Adios to 1024-bit SSL certificates. NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) along with Certificate Authority/ Browser Forum (CA/BF), are all set to define a new standard for SSL certificates which would be effective as of Jan 1 2014. According to this new rule, all the SSL certificates issued after January 1 2014 MUST have minimum bit strength of 2048-bit.

As we all know, the key length of an SSL certificate indicates its encryption strength – shorter keys are more prone to a cyber-attack. A cyber thug armed with most advanced computers and a compromised private key drawn from a short public key, would easily be able to decrypt all the SSL-secured connections, even from the past!

This up-gradation was a result of many such cases of compromised internet security caused by shorter key strength SSL certificates. However, a higher key strength certificate doesn’t guarantee 100% security. But it sure does help in minimizing the attacks, because the computational power required to process 2048-bit certificates is five to thirty times greater than that required for 1024-bit certificates. 

To improve their data security, many companies across the world switched to the new length certificates months ago when the rule was announced.  It is THE wise step to take, as no e-merchant who is serious about his business would want such message to be displayed on the site when the customers log in. Please have a look:

If you are an e-merchant, please follow these steps to spare your website from displaying such message.

  1. First of all, check if your certificate is less than 2048-bit key length. You can do that by clicking here Check your SSL
    You are good to go if your certificate’s strength is 2048-bit or above, but if it’s not, you have to fix that.
  2. Next step would be to find out if your server is compatible enough to handle a 2048-bit SSL certificate.
  3. You need to generate CSR to proceed further.  Please follow this link which would guide you with CSR generation steps for each server: Click Here
  4. Final step would be to
    Renew the certificates that expire before Dec 31 2013 with a 2048-bit SSL certificate.
    Reissue the 1024-bit certificates that expire after Dec 31 2013 by ordering 2048-bit SSL certificate instead.
This New Year, shield your business with a protective layer of a stronger SSL certificate for better protection against all the cyber thieves! 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Time to Upgrade: Say Goodbye to 1024 bit SSL

1024 bit SSL certificates are about to be obsolete.After January 1, 2014 the 1024 bit SSL certificate will join floppy disks and gopher servers in the grave yard of forgotten technologies. A new standard set by the Certification Authority/Browser (CA/B) Forum required that SSL certificates issued after January 1, 2014 must have a key length of at least 2048-bit.
What do you mean by “key length”?
An SSL certificate includes a value that is used to encrypt message for secure communication. The value is represented by a combination of 1s or 0s, each digit is called a bit in computer speak.
Why is Key Length Important?
The more bits in the key the more possible values can be represented. The key needs to be large enough so that it cannot be discovered with a brute force attack. In a brute force attack, you simply try every possible combination until you come across the correct one.
What’s the problem with 1024 bits?
With 1024 bit key I can represent a lot of values, would seem to be plenty. You have to use scientific notation for the number, 2^1024=1.797693134862315907729305190789e+308.
If you haven’t used scientific notation lately, you have to move the decimal place 308 places to the right inserting zeroes when you reach the “e”. That is a really big number! Unfortunately, with the steady growth of computing power, it will soon be not enough. Before that happens, it is important that internet security moves to the stronger 2048 bit.
How Do I Know if My Certs are 2048-bit?
Just go to the following page and you can generate a discovery report to see if their certs are 2048, and it’s free!
Action Required: What do I need to do?
If you own any 1024-bit certificates expiring this year, you must renew them by generating a 2048-bit or higher CSR.  If you have certificates expiring in 2014 or later you need to replace and upgrade all 1024-bit certificates with 2048-bit.  The deadline was October 1st, so if you have not done so you are past due!
Original Source: http://blogs.comodo.com/e-commerce/time-to-upgrade-say-goodbye-to-1024-bit-ssl/

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cheap and High Quality: Not an Oxymoron at Comodo

We have a running debate here at Comodo as to whether to use Low Cost or Cheap in referring to our SSL Certificates. My friends who like to use “cheap” argue that more customers looking for SSL use the word cheap in their searches than “low cost” and it makes our web pages easier to find.
Personally, I hate using the word cheap because it could be misinterpreted as low quality, which is not the case with any of our SSL Certificate products. Whether you purchase the low cost domain validated certificates or pay the extra money for Enhanced Validated certificates, you will still get the highest quality encryption technology available.
Encryption is the heart of SSL, but not the only feature to consider in purchasing an SSL certificates. You need to consider what degree of verification you to present to your site visitors and the higher levels do cost more. Certificates that provide higher level of organization and identity verification provide an additional service that is badly needed by some web sites, especially e-Commerce sites that need the trust of their customers. The additional cost can be miniscule compared to the benefit of protecting and assuring your customers.
However, if you’re using the certificate for intranet site you might be able to use a Domain Validated certificate or simply Organization Validation and save some money. You have to match your purchase to your needs.
What every customer or potential Comodo customer needs to know is that regardless of what type of certificate you chose from Comodo, you get the highest quality encryption and verification services in the industry at one of the lowest prices available for each product category.
Low Cost and high quality. How can you beat that?
Original Source: http://blogs.comodo.com/e-commerce/cheap-and-high-quality-not-an-oxymoron-at-comodo/

Monday, October 14, 2013

Case Study: Hayneedle Enjoys Meteoric Growth with Comodo EV SSL

Online retailer, Hayneedle.com, has become an astonishing success with security-conscious shoppers since the brand was introduced in August, 2009. According to Hayneedle’s Chief Technical Officer Steven Dee, the site’s Extended Validation SSL certificate from Comodo has helped it build trust.
“People shopping on Hayneedle are looking for something very specific,” said Dee. “They’re used to dealing with some mom and pop shops. At times they’re not sure whether a site can be trusted or not. Part of the Hayneedle brand is that we are a trusted place to shop.”
“We get a lot of people who don’t want to enter their credit card. While we have a customer care center for those situations, the green browser bar, available thanks to the Comodo EV SSL certificate, helped to win over and educate customers that our site is safe,” said Dee, as did displaying Comodo’s trust logo across the site.
Hayneedle’s customer care staff explains the significance of the green browser bar to telephone customers, to increase trust in online transactions. “It’s nice that when I’m looking at the green bar, we can have our customer service agent say, ‘You don’t have to worry about the transaction; it’s certified.’ It builds the trust by word of mouth. It’s something that they can visually see; it’s something that changes in their browser to let them know that they can trust us.”
“It’s all about trust–the EV SSL certificate instills trust in our customers. They can look up there, if they’re unsure they can click on it across our sites,” Dee said.
“We were only focused on one point on our checkout,” Dee said for an example. He added that Comodo offered a valuable suggestion to build trust with shoppers. “If you want to display our logo across the site you can, that will reassure them when they are thinking about buying, not necessarily in the buying phase.” Hayneedle adopted that suggestion, reassuring its security-conscious consumers.”
Comodo’s CEO and founder Melih Melih Abdulhayo─člu was instrumental in the creation of Enhanced Validation (EV) SSL, introduced in 2007 as an industry standard. EV SSL provides greater assurance to a web site visitor that the site is operated by a legitimate concern and is who the purport to be.
Learn more about Hayneedle at http://www.hayneedle.com
Original Source: http://blogs.comodo.com/uncategorized/case-study-hayneedle-enjoys-meteoric-growth-with-comodo-ev-ssl/

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How to Avoid Phishing Attacks by using an EV SSL Certificate

EV SSL and the Green Address Bar prevent phishing attacks
Building and keeping a loyal customer base is dependent on trust. In order to establish trust, e-commerce businesses (and all online businesses of every size) need to prove validation of their website. Phishing attacks have taken over the lead in the online race for fraud. These attacks use the strategy of mimicking websites in order to gain sensitive information. Many of these scammers have gotten very good at producing nearly identical websites and stealing the customers precious information, to later ruin that customer’s day.Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL) Certificates have become the greatest thorn in the side of these phishers.
EV SSL requires a stringent validation process which would strongly deter a phishing attack [all of which MUST be verified], such as:
  • Physical, operational, legal existence of their entity
  • The identity of the entity matching official records
  • Exclusive rights to the domain name used on the EV SSL Certificate
  • Proper authorization of the issuance of the EV SSL Certificate
While there may be some customers unaware of EV SSL Certificates at this time, it will not be for long. Online businesses of all sizes are now competing to rebuild the confidence in online shoppers so that their businesses may thrive. The best technique in building customer confidences for an online business’s website is to measure up to the amount of protection that other online businesses are using which the customers already trust.
Customers’ fear of online scams applies mostly in cases of online shopping. Most people will not give up the convenience of online banking or social networking in order to be safer from these threats.  Anyhow, most banks and social networks have already equipped themselves with EV SSL because it is the greatest protection. After a customer has started noticing the green address bar, they are going to be more likely to trust other sites that boast that same protection.
The green bar SSL customers seek is the address bar
There is no other method of obtaining a green address bar for a website other than purchasing an EV SSL Certificate.  This is a certificate that must be applied for in order to get because it meets the highest industry standard as required by the CA/Browser forum. The CA/Browser Forum identified the increasing threats that online scammers were perpetrating and realized that there was a need for a stronger certificate to prevent scams and to rebuild the trust in online customers that were becoming increasingly alarmed by these threats.
The customers can now simply click to verify for themselves that the website is legitimate (even when the green address bar is immediately visible). Internet browsers quickly began following suit.  IE 7.0, Firefox 3.0, Opera 9.5, iPhone, Android and others show the green address bar to streamline the customers’ experiences and encourage the amenity of online shopping.
Avoiding phishing threats can lessen abandoned shopping carts
Customer confidence leads to less abandoned shopping carts. When an e-commerce business creates their website they should secure any page where sensitive data is being transferred (obviously). However, customers often get a feel immediately upon visiting a website about whether or not they feel safe about transacting business on the site. Using the EV SSL certificate can be a great way of establishing familiarity and trust right off the bat and ultimately keep the customer from later abandoning their shopping cart.
EV SSL adds an unmistakable layer of protection that keeps all parties safe. Authentication is key in supporting online commerce. Just as currency must be changed from time to time in order to prevent counterfeiting, so must e-commerce websites adapt to prevent other phishers from creating counterfeit websites.
Original Source: https://comodosslstore.com/blog/how-to-avoid-phishing-attacks-by-using-an-ev-ssl-certificate.html

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Comodo Named Fastest Growing SSL Certificate Authority

Clifton, NJ (PRWEB) August 21, 2013
In a recent survey of SSL certificate authorities conducted by w3techs.com, Comodo was crowned the fastest growing certificate authority since July 1st, 2013 with 660 sites, more than six times the amount of the closest competitor. Comodo also saw a 0.3 percent jump in usage and a 0.9 percent jump in market share since July 2st. Out of all websites, Comodo SSL certificates are used by 8.5 percent pointing to a market share of 28.7 percent.

A Comodo SSL certificate is the quickest and most cost effective way for online businesses to protect customer transactions with high assurance SSL security. Comodo SSL certificates include automated online validation meaning your certificate will be issued within minutes of your purchase. Offering industry standard 2048 bit digital signatures and 99.9 percent browser recognition, Comodo SSL guarantees the highest possible encryption levels for online transactions. Comodo's unique "point-to-verify" technology shows real time verification of business credentials and warranty whenever visitors hover their cursor over the seal in the address bar.

About Comodo
Comodo is a leading provider of trust-based Internet security products for organizations of every size. Comodo’s offerings range from SSL certificates and antivirus software to endpoint security, mobile device management and PCI compliance. Clients utilizing Comodo Internet security products include Morgan Stanley, Comcast, Sears, Time Warner, and Merck among others. Comodo is headquartered in Clifton, New Jersey with additional offices in the UK, China, India, Ukraine and Romania.

Check all Type of Comodo SSL Certificates at http://bit.ly/comodosslcertificate

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Review on Comodo SSL Certificates Security from ComodoSSLStore

The biggest issue these days in an online business world is security about user’s information, while making them transferable to web browsers. Web security is really quite tough a segment from the web, but it should be there when you request digital information from user’s before they proceed for their need on your website.

If there is any talk about Web Security, then it is highly recommended by web security expert that One of the most trusted and the best ways to secure any fiscal information on the web is a COMODO SSL certificate.

Among all the leading Certificate Authorities (CA’s) in the SSL security solution industry, Comodo CA has an established authority of the most trusted web security one who offers SSL certificates with unpredictable great features and SSL security segments that other competitors do not have.

Comodo CA SSL certificates are the fastest and most inexpensive key to protect customer transactions with high assurance SSL security for any online businesses. ComodoSSLStore, A platinum partner of COMODO Certificate Authority (CA) represent valuable web security features of Comodo SSL certificates for small, medium to enterprise level of businesses and provide the strongest and most flexible protection that can be issued to a website within minutes.

An Overview on Comodo SSL Certificate Features & Benefits:-
  •        Highest levels of SSL security: Comodo SSL certificates have the potential to offer high end security up to 2048 signatures / 256 bit encryption.

  •        Up to $250,000 Warranty: Just because of Comodo’s trust level, they offer $250,000 of claim in case of any inconveniences held with the certificate.

  •        Fast Validation: Among Domain and Business Validation, Domain validated certificates are issued within minutes and equally Business Validated Certificates are issued within couple of days after full to business verification by the business.

  •        Trustworthy guarantee: Comodo offer Trust seal with certain SSL certificates at free of cost.

  •        Trusted by 99.9% of browsers:  This feature of Comodo SSL Certificates allow your website to be recognized by all major web browsers so there are no more compatibility issues.

  •        30 days money back guarantee: Comodo always thinks of customer satisfaction considering that he has most advantageous money back policy hence customer can claim his refund in case of any inconveniences.

  •        Licensed for unlimited physical servers: Now, it’s been easy to get unlimited server licenses from Comodo in case if you change host for your website to move your certificate on to another server.

  •        Expert phone, mail and web support:  Comodo certificate buyers are always used to leverage 24x7 end to end supports by technical experts.
A list of Web Browsers Compatibility for Comodo SSL Security:

  •        Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 5.01+
  •        Mozilla Firefox 1.0+
  •        Opera 6.1+
  •        Apple Safari 1.0+
  •        Google Chrome
  •        AOL 5+
  •        Netscape Communicator 4.51+
  •        Red Hat Linux Konqueror (KDE)
  •        Microsoft WebTV
  •        Camino
  •        Konqueror (KDE) 2.0.0 +

Highest Available Encryption Strength:

2048 bit signatures and provides up to 256 bit encryption of customer data means Comodo SSL Certificates offer the highest possible security/encryption levels for your online customer’s transactions. Each certificate is signed with NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) recommended.

Using a COMODO SSL Certificate is the most ideal way to ensure both the customer and business owner are protected.

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